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Bookingfor is an online booking system that generates direct bookings through a portal or website promoting tourism or a destination. It offers DMOs (local, regional or national authorities, consortia, cooperatives, tourist boards, business networks, etc.) the opportunity to develop a new business by selling accommodation and non-accommodation tourism services online through their tourism promotion websites, or for private companies, through their websites, blogs and tourism portals.

A versatile software, it brings together various types of accommodation and non-accommodation resources. It is designed to be an integral part of the website, ensuring maximum search engine indexing, and allows tourists and travellers to book a predetermined and customised holiday package based on the resources proposed by the tourism operator.

Designed to develop new businesses by selling accommodation and non-accommodation tourism services online, Bookingfor is perfect for tourism promotion portals run by consortia, cooperatives, local, regional and national authorities, tourist boards, business networks, etc. and for websites, portals or blogs of private parties engaged in promoting tourism.

The technology and functions that we offer are what set us apart. Bookingfor is a powerful, easy-to-use and intuitive online booking system. It has been designed and optimised to generate and increase direct online bookings. In addition, Bookingfor is scalable: it adapts to your business volume.

Once you have signed up, the component can be installed in your website or portal in just a few clicks and you will be up and running immediately.

No, Bookingfor does not need to be installed on a PC. It is hosted on our servers and can be consulted by any device.

In the event of software updates, any new functions and improvements will be made available to portals and websites using Bookingfor automatically and at no extra charge.

Bookingfor can be ordered and activated online by purchasing a subscription, which is customised according to your business volume. Payment is accepted via PayPal.

The subscription is monthly, flexible and scalable. It is a prepaid subscription that varies depending on the business volume (number of operators and number of bookings) and can therefore be tailored to your business. There are no commission fees.

It is a monthly subscription and there are no ties to lengthy minimum terms. This means that Bookingfor can be used for just one month if you want.

Yes, the free trial period lasts … and demonstrates all of the functions offered by Bookingfor.

Yes, during the free trial period, all of the functions will be active and the software will be fully operational: you will receive real, concrete bookings absolutely free of charge.

>We will contact you before the end of the free trial period to ask if you want to purchase a subscription. If you decide not to proceed, the service will be interrupted at no cost to you. If you decide to proceed and purchase a subscription, all of the activities logged during the trial period will be retained in the log file.

No, with Bookingfor all you pay is a subscription fee.

Through an easy-to-use dedicated area or via a connection with your booking engine or Channel Manager.

Every tourism operator enters their own contractual conditions and cancellation terms in the record completed for each resource.

No, you can set up an unlimited number of resources.

Bookingfor manages all types of tourism products (rooms, holiday chalets, apartments, camping pitches). The quote for each type of product will be managed using different calculation methods.

Yes, of course. Bookingfor gives each operator the freedom to choose and manage their own marketing strategies. Discounts, early booking, long stay, last minute, last second and non-refundable offers, reductions, extras, voucher codes, no shows ... each operator can make real time use of the special deals and opportunities offered by market.

Yes, Bookingfor is a multilingual system.

Yes, the search window and results returned by Bookingfor are integrated into the portal or website in line with the institutional graphics and coordinated image.

A credit card can be used as a guarantee or to pay for a booking if that function has been enabled in the individual operator’s booking system.

Yes. All communications are protected by strong encryption algorithms based on SSL protocol at the highest possible security level. The SSL certificate offers a further guarantee of security. The card data is also recorded in encrypted format and can only be accessed by the operator.

The traveller searches for and selects the resources they are looking for using Bookingfor’s software installed on the portal or website and confirms the booking in a few simple clicks.

Yes. Bookingfor is responsive and travellers can book from a computer, smartphone or tablet.

Not always, it depends on your business model usually you do not need to have a tour operator or travel agents licence to use Bookingfor

Yes, they will receive a summary from the portal or website where they made the booking and an email confirming the booking made and providing them with all of the contact details for the tourism operator concerned.

Each operator provides after-sales service to the tourists and travellers. In the booking confirmation email, tourists will receive all of the data needed to contact the operator and receive full assistance.

Yes, with Bookingfor all of the bookings, payments and any messages exchanged between the operator and customer are kept in a log file and can be viewed at any time.

The content can be entered manually by the individual operators or they can integrate their database with Bookingfor.