Maintaining a good relationship with developers is essential for BookingFor, which is why we encourage the use of our BookingFor APIs to build a powerful and integrated booking tool for your business.

We offer a free account developer that lets you create, test and migrate data to a new system. To update your account to a developer account, just create a ticket whilst you are logged in to your BookingFor account. In the ticket, just tell us who you are and what you want to develop. We will then contact you and work with you to define the best strategy to adopt. BookingFor makes it easy for web designers, developers and system integrators to integrate a new-generation booking system into a front end of their choice.

A developer account is essentially a free version of the basic solution.


Please bear in mind the following points:

  • All types of subscriptions, including the free trial and developer account subscriptions, are subject to our service terms and conditions
  • A developer account does not include a support package after the initial free trial period has expired.
  • Basic support by email and community support is always available if needed. If you need further support during the integration stage, you may wish to consider upgrading your subscription. Remember that if your subscription remains inactive for six months or more, it will be deleted automatically.
  • Make sure your customer purchases a new subscription in their own name when you proceed to the production environment.

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