We provide dedicated on-demand assistance services for the installation and customization of your site

Our agency is made up of a staff of certified developers and designers. We are at your complete disposal to support you and assist you for any type of work: from the installation of modules, to the customization of the booking system both at the programming and frontend development level, and as regards the graphic aspect of the wordpress theme.

Services on demand 
Design and implementation of customized booking projects 
Activation of pre-configured BookingFor booking portals and SAAS 
Custom UI/UX template design 
UI/UX  analysis and optimization, technical check-ups for performance optimiztion and Conversation Rate Optimization (CRO)  
Consultancy for the resolution of specific needs and development of functionalities 
Dedicated interventions to solve technical or graphic problems with Certified Assistance Tickets 
UI and UX customization in online booking graphic templates 
Development of Bookingfor Certificates modules 
Version update from Bookingfor 7.4 – 7.5 to Bookingfor 8.2 

Our Certified Assistance service allows you to obtain dedicated interventions for any need.

To obtain assistance it is necessary to purchase a paid ticket with which it will then be possible to request an intervention in the assistance area . Your request is first of all evaluated by one of our Certified Developer who responds with a pre-analysis and estimate to conclude the request. If it is expected that the intervention should exceed 1 ticket, an estimate of the total intervention time is reported, to allow you to evaluate how to proceed and possibly purchase additional ones.
Our tickets do not expire and can be purchased individually or in packages with dedicated discounts.
For more information on prices and available packages, enter the Certified Assistance Ticket page of our shop
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