Complexity made easy

The only system that allows you to create and manage booking portals for a variety of accommodation
and non-accommodation facilities (multiple hotels, apartments, estate agents, campsites, resorts)
on a self-service basis.

Main features

Integrated and customisable

BookingFor is integrated with your website, with no external iframe or website, ensuring maximum indexing on search engines.

Product record

Each product record has a dedicated page: a practical solution for sending tourists information via a simple link, without them having to leave the portal.

Powerful search engine

A unique and powerful search engine that dialogues with the administrative and booking systems of each tourism operator and the various sales channels.

Cloud-based software

It is developed using Microsoft Azure’s infrastructure. This guarantees security for all of the data handled, integrated and automatic scalability of performance to meet the processing power needs of portals of all types and scale and data centres distributed all over the world and available anywhere.

Direct booking

It is a powerful, direct, online booking system that converts visits to a website, portal or via any mobile device into bookings. It is a search engine that puts tourism operators in direct contact with tourists.

Customer profiling

BookingFor’s CRM system allows you to manage data related to the activities of each tourist and profile them for marketing and ad hoc loyalty campaigns. Data protection and privacy are guaranteed by the Microsoft Azure infrastructure.

Holiday package

Tourists can create their holiday package in just a few clicks, choosing from the services offered by the individual operator on your website or portal..


BookingFor allows each portal or website to manage an unlimited number of resources that can change over time. There are no limits to how much your business can grow.


BookingFor makes it easy to set up even the most complicated price lists and add availability, special offers and promotions with just a few clicks.

Who is it for?


Destination portals

Portals and websites for finding and booking a trip to a specific destination.


Institutional consortia and associations

Consortia, authority and business network portals, which group together various tourism resources.


Tour Operators

Portals and websites that promote and sell trips, holiday packages and tourism packages.


Hotel chains

Hotel chain portals looking for an easy and intuitive online booking system.


Web Agencies

Tourism promotion websites and portals that need to be integrated with an efficient booking service.

Events and thematic portals

Vertical websites and portals that promote events and specific themes and want to add an online booking service.

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